Thursday, June 04, 2015

The Summer CBTs

I got busy this morning and finished putting together my "Chair Backie Things" for this summer! I've made these before but I always end up scratching my head, trying to figure out what goes where so that when I turn it right side out the ties are where they're supposed to be. And even after all my head scratching I still had to rip apart the first one and re-sew it because the ties ended up on the inside. Durrr! The second one went smoothie smooth, however, and I'm pretty darn happy with how they look! I used some Mary Engelbreit fabric that I've had for years. It's printed with panels that can be used to make pillows and worked perfectly for my CBTs! There's a layer of quilt batting sewn inside so it's nice and cushiony when you lean back in the chair.

So there you have it! Our porch rockers are dressed for the summer and, at least to me, look like the perfect place for listening to a ball game and eating orzo salad! Woohoo!


Vickie said...

Love 'em! Great job.

Robin said...

What fun cushions you created! What do you put in your orzo salad?

Robin in Virginia

Irene said...


cucki said...

Wow so lovely x