Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Great Over One Experiment

Like a ga-jillion other people, I've been wanting to stitch the Prairie Schooler ABCs all together as one piece. To keep it to a manageable size I thought I better stitch it over one on a 25-count laguna. Question is, how much over one stitching can I actually handle? Hence the reason for the Great Over One Experiment! I started Farmer's Alphabet on 25-count mushroom lugana and so far so good. It's a bit patchy because I only have a few of the called for DMC but I at least had the right color for the border. It's boring stitching squares but it's giving me an idea of whether or not I might be able to make it through a much larger piece without tossing it in the trash 1/26th of the way through!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Happy Little Stitch

I've been working on Lizzie Kate's Birdz & Bugz this past week and the bright colors put a smile on my face every time I pick it up! I still need to stitch the inner band and then I'll add some beads to give it sparkle. Such a fun little kit, perfect for spring!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At Home with Jane

It's been a while since my last post but I have been doing some stitching here and there.
This is as far as I can go with my Jane Austen sampler for now. I need a skein of Sassy Brass to finish it up and since I know I have one back home in Michigan, I'll just wait until we go back next month. I must have pilfered it from this project to use on another one. At least that sounds like something I would do!

I saw someone on the Stitch Maynia Facebook group with a pair of these magnifiers and had to hop on Amazon and grab a pair for myself.
 I can't see worth a darn with my old lady eyes so I always use a magnifier lamp when I stitch. I end up with a sore back from hunching over it and find I can't stitch for as long as I'd like. With these puppies I can curl up just about anywhere and stitch to my heart's content! It's super nice to be able to go out on our lanai here in Florida and enjoy the warm weather instead of being cooped up inside when I want to stitch. I can't wait to use them out on our deck in Michigan!

It's getting close to time for us Snowbirds to head back north. We've been so busy this season that the last couple of months have flown by. In the midst of entertaining guests we've managed to update both bathrooms. We still need to get mirrors hung and add a few finishing touches before we're done but they look so much nicer now! Next year we might just tackle the kitchen!

I'm going to have to go through my traveling box of projects to see what else I might have to work on while we're still in Florida. I'm pretty sure I brought a couple of things in anticipation of wanting to work on something Spring-ish. If I'm lucky there's a kit in there so I don't discover half my thread is still in Michigan!

Thanks for stopping by!