Monday, October 27, 2014

Acorn Hill

Acorn Hill
Little House Needleworks
stitched on 28-ct. Vintage Lentil linen
with Crescent Colours (Classic Colorworks)

I had to look back in my blog to see when I started this project and was a shocked to see it was waaaaay back in November 2010! One might say I pace myself! (If one is being kind!)

Really itching to dip into my Fall Stitching Basket and pull out something fresh to work on next! I've had two finishes and I'm making steady progress on Autumn, so I think it's time to reward myself with a new start!

The vacuuming is done and the laundry is sloshing around in the washer so I'm off to the Chicken Ottoman Empire to run my fingers through some silk and caress some linen! Sounds positively decadent!

How's your Monday going?

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Stitching Update

We're nearing the end of October so it's time for a Fall Stitching Update from the Chicken Ottoman Empire!

I have one finish to report...
Welcome Knocker
by Bent Creek

This came in a kit with the fabric and fibers and some wonderful instructions to make a "door knocker". I suspect the dogs would try to eat it if I actually hung it on a door knob so I'll find someplace safer once I have it all neatly put together!

I didn't take a picture (because me, my laptop, and camera are upstairs and my stitching is downstairs...) but I am soooo close to finishing Acorn Hill! I thought I was done until I noticed I never stitched the fence in front of the house. It's roughly the same color as the linen so my eyes tricked me into believing it was done. It's just a matter of sitting down and gettin' 'er done now.

Still in the Q-snaps is Autumn from Blackbird Designs...
I love working on this project but for some reason it seems to go super slow. And I'm doing what I would consider the easy part! There's a couple of pumpkins and a little house to the left of the bird that I dearly want to work my way over to so I will keep plugging along on this one!

Another thing I would love to find some time for is finishing!
I pulled out a stack of fall finishes from years past and need to get to work making them into something to display. Preferably before the end of next month!

Another busy weekend is upon us but hopefully I will return on Monday with another finish to report!