Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Say WIP It!

Every time I start thinking about my Works In Progress that song by Devo gets stuck in my head. It happens every time so I just go with it, singing lyrics that aren't even close to correct. There's no help for me!

Anyhoosie, I have two WIPs to share today!

First is my Prairie Schooler Birdhouse Sampler...
I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this one! I've always loved stitching anything with critters and flowers so it's definitely scratching that itch! 

Next is a little freebie called Season Wishes from Earth Threads (from 1995!)...
I had started this one before we left to go to Florida for the winter and when we got back it was still sitting by my stitching chair. I was going to put it away since it's a Christmas project but got to thinking that if I can stitch a little bit on it every day it will be done in no time. So I'm calling it my Ten Minutes a Day Project and we'll just see how this pans out!

I'm loving the big blue skies we've been having here the last couple of days! My mind is all a-whirl with gardening plans and outdoor projects!

And Devo...

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm Baaaack!

Greetings from the Chicken Ottoman Empire! We are back home in Michigan and I am doing everything I can to ease back in to life up north! What does that mean? Why, starting a new cross stitch project of course!

This is an ooooold leaflet from Prairie Schooler (copyright 1994!) called Garden Samplers. I am working on the Birdhouse Sampler which is the one pictured in the center. Just what the stitchy doctor ordered for some spring stitching fun!

After a few "welcome home" flurries yesterday, the sun is shining today. The temps are still a little cool but we are working on hauling the chairs and loungers out to the deck and I am getting all my pots ready for planting soon. I am planning to re-do an area in front of the house for a flower garden so stay tuned for that adventure! I am not known for having a green thumb but I will give it my best shot and hopefully we will get to enjoy some pretty blooms!

(And for any squirrels who may be reading this, yes, I am planning to plant strawberries again and would be much obliged if you would not eat every single one of them like you did last year!)