Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's a Marshmallow World

Woke up to find Jack Frost had visited us during the night!

Here's the view off the back deck... baby, it's cold outside!

Winter has come to Paw Paw Lake!

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Wee Seasons

A good 15 years ago I started stitching Heart in Hand's Wee Seasons. I'd decided to stitch all four charts lengthwise and make the finished piece into a bellpull. And naturally I would stitch along with the changing seasons. I got off to a great start, stitching Wee Winter at the top of my bellpull-to-be.
Come spring I began stitching the next season. But that tree... all that brown... for some reason it just killed my desire to finish before summer arrived. Of course this meant I'd have to wait a whole year to work on Wee Spring again. No biggie! I'd get it done the following year! Which I did! Hooray! Back on track!
Wee Summer was easy... with all those red apples and pretty flowers, I couldn't put it down!
Then came a verrrrry long break in my stitching. This poor 3/4 finished project hung over a hanger in my closet for probably six years! Then it got folded up in a box and forgotten for several more! Somehow it resurfaced and I added it to my WIPocolypse list in the hopes of finally finishing it. The last season was fall and I was determined to get it stitched before the end of November. I almost didn't make it, but with tons of encouragement from Phil I put the last stitch in Wee Fall on the 30th!
Here's a look at the whole (slightly slanty) project:
I'd still like to finish it into a bellpull but for now I'm just basking in the joy of finishing one of my oldest WIPs!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Two More

I picked up two more Starbucks mugs to add to my collection while Phil and I were visiting family and friends down in Texas over Thanksgiving. We packed a lot into the week and put over 3000 miles on his car in the process! The weather was fabulous the entire trip and I'm hoping I was able to convince Phil that Texas would be a grrrrreat place to retire!

Yesterday I went through my WIPs looking for something Christmas-y to work on and came up with Better Not Pout from Shepherd's Bush. I'll share my progress soon! I also have a finish to share, plus I had Winter Wonderland framed! Woohoo!