Friday, January 30, 2015

Sampler Love

I'm super pleased with how quickly Sweetheart Sampler is stitching up! I've finished the first alphabet and my initials and now it's on to the second alphabet which is done in rice stitches. Should be fun! I'm playing it safe and leaving the year off until I'm done! I don't want to jinx myself!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Sweetheart Sampler Start

I fully intended to make my next project stitching the first over one verse on The Riddle by the Drawn Thread. After a half hour of trying to get my eyes to focus on the teeny tiny holes I decided it was best to leave it for another day.

So out came Sweetheart Sampler by Blackbird Designs...

Tres seasonally appropriate, don't you think?

Thank you all for your comments on my Seasonal Sampler finish! I love sharing what I'm working on, and to have someone say, "Hey! That looks great!" always makes me smile!

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Finish!

Seasonal Sampler
Bent Creek
Stitched on 18-ct. natural linen with perle cotton

Woohoo! My first finish of the new year! I've had this zipper kit floating around in my "I really should stitch this some day" basket for a good long while. It was a super quick stitch, even for a slow poke like myself. I had my usual angst over the french knots but I think they turned out fairly decent for the most part. The snowman looks a little cockeyed but we'll just say it gives him personality!

We have shut down the Chicken Ottoman Empire for the winter and headed south for warmer climates. I will be "sans ottoman" for the next few months as we wait for the sprunging of spring up north. I made sure to bring along plenty of stitching options for the length of our stay! 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone, and thanks for stopping by!