Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm Baaaack!

Greetings from the Chicken Ottoman Empire! We are back home in Michigan and I am doing everything I can to ease back in to life up north! What does that mean? Why, starting a new cross stitch project of course!

This is an ooooold leaflet from Prairie Schooler (copyright 1994!) called Garden Samplers. I am working on the Birdhouse Sampler which is the one pictured in the center. Just what the stitchy doctor ordered for some spring stitching fun!

After a few "welcome home" flurries yesterday, the sun is shining today. The temps are still a little cool but we are working on hauling the chairs and loungers out to the deck and I am getting all my pots ready for planting soon. I am planning to re-do an area in front of the house for a flower garden so stay tuned for that adventure! I am not known for having a green thumb but I will give it my best shot and hopefully we will get to enjoy some pretty blooms!

(And for any squirrels who may be reading this, yes, I am planning to plant strawberries again and would be much obliged if you would not eat every single one of them like you did last year!)


Vickie said...

We had flurries here too in Wisconsin. Still below freezing at night too.

Robin said...

Your PS new start looks good. Sending good thoughts for your flower garden to turn out great.

Robin in Virginia

Mary Ann said...

Your new PS start is looking wonderful and will be a lovely stitch for Spring.

P.J. said...

Prairie Schooler never gets old, what a sweet spring design. Welcome home! And squirrels behave.