Monday, June 08, 2015

Birdhouse Love

I'm so pleased with how my Prairie Schooler Birdhouse Sampler is stitching up! I worked on the verse yesterday afternoon and love the fact that I'm almost to the bottom! There's a lot of filling in of bits here and there on the birds and flowers but once that border goes all the way around I'll feel like I'm almost finished!

Phil got me the super adorable Jim Shore froggie birdhouse at Lowe's while we were out shopping after church and breakfast on Sunday! Let's hope that's the only frog that comes near this sampler!


cucki said...

Super cute stitch x

Robin said...

Great progress on your PS Sampler! One of these days I really need to pull the chart out and stitch it up.

Robin in Virginia

Melody said...

I still love that design. I stitched it years ago. Your frog birdhouse is very cute!