Friday, June 19, 2015


It started innocently enough. I stitched a small Prairie Schooler design and gathered a few materials to make a pin cushion that would look more or less like the one pictured on the card.
Simple enough, right?


An hour later this is what I had managed to create...
Quel horreur!

The seams are all wonky and my corners are even worse. I cut my trusty twiney trim too short and it unraveled before I could get it sewed on. And there's bleepin' bird seed everywhere!

I do think I can rescue the stitching and make it into something that isn't quite so frightening! I just need time to recover!


Melody said...

I really don't like finishing. I feel the same way after inspecting what I've done...

Vickie said...

Always good to take a break when things aren't going smoothly during finishing I find.
Do you use interfacing? It helps my pillows be more square.

Maureen said...

You've certainly been on a roll with your finishing! I always find it so frustrating as I end up sticking things on backwards and such like... Best just to walk away from it just now and then go back to it in a few days and It'll all seem much better.