Friday, January 27, 2012

Block One: Done!

Village of Hawk Run Hollow - Block One
stitched on 40-ct. Pearled Barley linen
with Vikki Clayton hand-dyed fibers

At long last! It's done! Well... with the exception of one fish eye but for now I'm pretending he blinked when I snapped the picture.

Here's the whole she-bang so far:
Three down, nine to go! I've actually convinced myself I can have all twelve blocks completed by the end of the year. You'd think I'm positively delusional since it's taken me three years to finish these three, but, my dearest bloggy buddies, the model was stitched in 49 days! Crazy but true! 49 days! The least I can hope for is to finish it in 49 months, right?

Next in the Q-snaps is The Riddle by The Drawn Thread. I've been skipping all the specialty stitches because I'm a total wimp, I can't do french knots, and my queen's stitches looked like merde. This is most likely a huge mistake because all that will be left when I'm done with the Xs is the "hard stuff" and I won't want to finish it.

The weekend is upon us which means Phil and I will be off on yet another excursion to make selections for the house. Last weekend was countertops for the kitchens (yes, plural) and bathrooms which found us standing in a freezing cold workshop for over an hour, staring at slabs of granite and saying, "Eh... I don't know... what do you think?" about a thousand times. This weekend takes us back to the fireplace shop to choose mantles and hearth stones. More head shaking and nose wrinkling but at least it'll be warmer!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous weekend!


barbara said...

Oh that looks wonderful!

RuthB said...

Have fun with those mantles! May the weekend at least be warmer. :)

Love the square, and you know what? I have GREAT faith in you. I'm certain you'll finish in no more than 48 months.... about 48 months less than it would take me. lol
But now I have a question I never thought of/noticed before -- I always saw a hillside when I looked at that square -- what are fish doing on it? Are the suicidal? Oh-- maybe they are those walking fish of FL?

Pam said...

Congratulaton on finishing block 1!!! Celebrate! Just remember to keep it in the rotation--You Can Do This! As for the Riddle, I believe the key to a good french knot is the tension you keep until the needle is pulled tight thru the fabby. If all else fails check out Daffy Cats "fake" french knots tutorial in Nov/Dec 2011 =)

Shelleen said...

Looks great! Have fun shopping.