Monday, January 09, 2012

WIProgress Report

Welcome to the January Edition of the Paisley Stitching WIPocolypse Progress Report!

A mere four days into the year I was able to scratch Lizzie Kate's Christmas Is Forever off my WIP list! (Check out my last post for a photo of the finished piece!) Since then I've been trying to put some Xs into a couple of bigger projects that have been haunting my WIP basket for a few years.

First up was Peppermint Twist from Blue Ribbon Designs. This one needed some serious de-cat-hairing because my furry friends think a basket full of linen is the most comfortable place to sleep in the house. (Apparently the only thing better is a basket full of clean laundry. Dirty laundry? Not so much.)
My goal is to get all the Garnet stitching finished on this one page. The 40-ct. linen I'm working on makes me cross-eyed so I'll probably take a break from it once I get this part finished.

Last night I parked my butt in my stitching chair while I watched Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic (Come back, Mr. Bates!). My Village of Hawk Run Hollow has been so neglected! I decided I just can't ignore it any longer!
I finished stitching some more of the letters on Block 1, and started filling in the big O. It was this first block that made me want to stitch this BAP to begin with. I love the river with its little fishies! I'm planning to stick with this one a while longer. Maybe even finish the block? We'll see!

That's about it for now! I'd mention the gorgeous weather we've been having over the last several days but I don't want to jinx it! Somewhere out there is a couple of feet of snow with my name on it, I just know it!


Chris said...

Wonderful progress!

barbara said...

Wow - you're making fabulous progress!!

robindefender said...

Yay for the first finish! And I love the Carriage House piece. Haven't started it myself, but yours is reminding me of how much I love this piece.

Jeanne said...

Hello Paisley, I'm adding some more blogs to my reading list and saw a link to yours on Edgar's site. So many to read and not enough time! I love your projects. I did Peppermint Twist a few years ago and finally got to hang it up for Christmas last year. It's a fun project. Someday (maybe) I'll get time to start one of the HRH villages too -I really want the Christmas one but have been resisting.

Beth Pearce said...

Love all your projects - have two of them in my done or to be done categories. I just checked out your info and saw where you are from -this is a tiny world. When I was a kid (a hundred years ago) I used to spend a good part of my summer in a cabin on Corey Lake! I have very fond memories of that time.

Ziggyeor said...

Great progress! Well if it does snow that's just an excuse to stay in and stitch ;)