Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Alas, I've made minimal progress on my Village. I was having severe frogging issues yesterday. Not because of mistakes but because I wasn't happy with the way my stitching looked. On the back. I was on the verge of re-stitching an area for the fourth time when I finally decided I needed to get a grip.

If only they made pills for this sort of thing!

Our mild winter weather is coming to an end. Snow is in transit and the forecast is for up to 10 inches. I'll be at the grocery store tonight buying toilet paper and extra batteries along with every other person in the blast radius of this storm.


Suburban Stitcher said...

well...even your minimal progress is looking good! good luck in your storm!

Vonna said...

We're to get snow here too, but not 10 inches :) Stay safe and don't forget milk!
I saw yesterday that you have a needlework system 4. I do too and I LOVE MINE!!! Thinking about getting a travel one.


Missfil From Paris, France said...

No snow in Paris, FRANCE !
I love your stitching !