Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Stitchless Week

I seem to have lost my stitchy mojo this week so I'll just share the latest pictures of the house.

The exterior stone is up and we're super happy with how it looks. Trying to get all the different elements to come together and look good is turning into a real challenge but we seem to have nailed this one. Woohoo!

Here's a view of the back of the house, deck railings and stairs in progress:

View of the lake, ducks, and one pesky, wire-chewing muskrat if you look close:

All the drywall is done inside and they've started painting. On the main floor we have the Great Room:


Dining room:

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom:

Some views of the basement:

Looking down from upstairs:

At the risk of boring you further, I won't report on the weather or my recent trip to the gynecologist! But I swear if I don't find something on my WIP list that gets my stitchy motor running, I'm starting a new project!!


melissa said...

Gracious me, Bud...what a beautifully HUGE house. Looks like there's room for plenty of guests. (hint-hint!)


Harmien said...

How in the world are you ever going to decorate all those fabulous rooms with your stitching if you don't get a move on, woman?!! Start a new project, heck, start ten... LOL!!!

Maureen said...

oh my, that house looks like it is going to be divine - please keep pictures coming!

Shelleen said...

OMG that house looks HUGE and it is gorgeous.

Susan said...

Wow! What a stunning house!!!

Sharon said...

Your house looks amazing! You got plenty of walls for stitchy stuff!