Monday, February 06, 2012

February WIPocolypse Report

Can you believe a month has passed and it's time for another WIPocolypse report?? I feel like I'm in a Twilight Zone episode! I just home some creepy kid doesn't decide to wish me out into the corn field! (Although, if I can take my stitching with me and there's good lighting out there, it might not be so bad!)

Now on with the shoo...

I have one finish to share for the month... Block One of my Village of Hawk Run Hollow was completed on January 26!
Can I get a woohoo?!?! This is more of a finish within what will hopefully be a much LARGER finish by the end of the year. I have nine more blocks to go, but plenty of time to twiddle my thumbs and toes until it's the end of summer when panic sets in and I start making unrealistic stitchy schedules and planning rotations. Stay tuned!

Now, in my last report I said I wanted to finish up all the Garnet stitching on one page of Peppermint Twist. There honestly isn't much of it left, but did I finish it?
Of course not! I was distracted by the stars (oooh... shiny!) and wanted to get those done. Ever the futzy stitcher, I thought one of them looked like it was a different color than the rest so I ripped it out and restitched it. That made the next star look a little off-color so I re-stitched that one as well. Wash, rinse, repeat. Then it dawned on me I was using an overdyed thread which has a lot of variation in the color. I might be super dense but at least my stars match.

Feeling my progress on PT was much too slow (go figure!) I decided to pull something else out of my WIP basket. Considering our mild weather this winter I decided some Spring stitching would be appropriate, so here is Spring Has Come.
I've been working on the block with the house and bunnies and totally loving the 28-count linen after stitching on 40-count for so long. Plus Prairie Schooler is always a favorite!

We had an absolute blast watching the Super Bowl last night! Or the commercials, I should say. I made up Bingo cards with typical (and some not so typical) things you might see in a Super Bowl commercial. Think "girl in bikini" or "talking animal". It's utterly hilarious to have a group of people yelling "Come on! Say something!" at every dog or horse that shows up on the TV screen! I think we cheered louder when we finally saw a penguin than we did for any touchdown! (We are definitely an odd lot here!)

Thank you for the nice comments on Phil's house. His previous home was completely destroyed in a fire so the process of rebuilding has been bittersweet for him. It's looking more like April before it's finished but that'll be in time for summer on the lake. Let's get another woohoo!

And now it's time to kick back and enjoy the evening! Leftover enchiladas from last night for dinner, some Netflix on the TV, and my stitching! Sounds marvelous!


Gill said...

Nice progress! I really like the Prairie Schooler one, I'd never really noticed that design until I saw your wip of it. I had to laugh at your description of working on Peppermint though...I can just imagine myself doing the same thing!

barbara said...

If I'd been hanging out with your crowd, I might've actually watched the Superbowl - sounds like a great time!

Wow, you've been so busy with stitching! And it all looks great. Congratulations!

Beth Pearce said...

WHOOOOO HOOO!! Great work on your stitching and restitching! Sounds like you did have a fun time with the Super Bowl - lots of creativity there!

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on finishing the block. PT looks great. Love your new wip. Sounds like you had a great time watching the Superbowl.

Diane (di) said...

WOO HOO Indeed. Your Hawk Run Hollow block looks wonderful and I really like PT. Great job Paisley. (Dang.. even though it's early morning here, now I want enchiladas!) ;)

Ziggyeor said...

yeah on the finished block. Too funny about the ripping out your stitches though.
Glad you had fun watching the commercials.

robindefender said...

Your story about ripping the stitches out made me smile. At least you kept at it instead of walking away from the whole thing (which is what I often end up doing).

I looooove how your HRH is looking. So pretty.

Joyus said...

Lovely projects and great progress :D

MoonBeam said...

Love your PS and HRH projects.

The Super Bowl ad bingo sounds like a lot of fun!


Marcy said...

Everything looks great -- too funny about the stars. Sounds like something I would do.

Lija said...

well done!I had a similar issue with my knitting as you have with your stars. I was knitting a baby cardigan for a present ... and I realised that one of four balls was a different shade (even though the numbers matched up). And I did not have time to travel to a shop to buy a replacement. Oh well babies grow out of clothes fast anyhow.