Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My First IHSW

I had some extra time on Friday so I decided to participate in the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.
Don't you just love Hermie!

My project of choice for the stitch-a-long was naturally Prairie Schooler's Spring Has Come. My time Friday was spent stitching those floating trees to the right of the floating roof. I had more stitching time on Sunday while watching the season finale of Downton Abbey (Am I the only one who wants a Chatty Dowager Countess doll? Snarky remarks at the pull of a string! I love me some Maggie Smith!) and was able to get those long brown stringy bits to the left of the roof done. I am very tree-challenged but I think it's a willow tree?

My other sewing task on Sunday was re-stitching a pocket onto one of my daughter's sweaters. I was so happy with how perfectly aligned and unpuckered I got it despite the stretchiness of the material, and then I realized I'd sewed the front and back of the sweater together! At least I got a good laugh when my daughter went to try it on! (And after spilling an entire spaghetti pot full of water into my kitchen utensil drawer, I needed a good laugh!)

Can you believe it snowed this morning? I realize it's February and I live in Michigan but still... snow?? Color me spoiled by this mild winter! Happily, it's already melting and I won't have to dig my ugly snow boots out of the closet!

Phil and I are going to make our final flooring selections for the house this afternoon. I keep thinking we're at the end of all this picking and choosing and matching but then we'll get a call asking for grout color choices or which switch plate covers do we want and we're back to debating and second guessing. Phil is adamant that we never build another house!

That's about it for my Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by and a big Howdy! to any new folks who have found my blog through the WIPocolypse or IHSW! I sincerely appreciate your comments and look forward to getting to know some new-to-me stitchers!


Lesleyanne said...

Great progress. Love the Dowager, she makes me laugh.

Diana said...

Your PS Spring Has Come is looking really great. I really like the colors.

Kate said...

Fantastic progress! :)

Marcy said...

Great progress! Isn't this the best winter?! We're in the mid-40's today in PA.