Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Village

Thought I should share a picture of my VoHRH since I mentioned yesterday that I'd be working on it while I oh so patiently (not!) await the thread and fabric for my next project. It's not much of a village yet with only a church (missing it's windows!) and a city hall, but I have plans for a blacksmith's shop and a gristmill, and I hope to start on a boarding house soon.

We have beef and barley soup simmering in the crock pot (I finally found it!) and Chex Mix toasting in the oven so it's smelling very fall-y here in our little home. Nice to have such a cozy feeling on an overcast day. We've been working on our menu and grocery list for Thanksgiving, and I can't wait for the turkey and stuffing!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday as much as I am! Thanks for stopping by!


Katrina said...

Very pretty!!!! My favorite HRH piece :-).

Chris said...

The village is looking great!