Monday, November 01, 2010


It's that time of year again! Time for the daily extravaganza that is National Blog Posting Month! The last time I participated was two years ago when I was foiled by an internet outage. This year I have Comcast on speed dial and I won't sit around until 11:00 at night going, "Gee whiz! The internet's still out?"

Not much has been happening around the ole homestead this past week. I spent a couple of days in bed with a perfectly lovely sinus infection, had one semi-good day of unpacking boxes, then back in bed for two more days with one of my brain crushing migraines.

Despite feeling like crud, we did manage to have a fun and festive Halloween. Sarah came over and we carved Texas Rangers pumpkins and made a 'Yankees Graveyard' to set up in the front yard. (I think we were a little premature in adding a few Giants to the headstones.)

Trick or Treating was on Saturday here. I've never lived somewhere where the city decides when you can take your kids door to door, but from 5:30-7:30 it was an absolute mob scene on our street. We ran out of candy twice, and I was on the verge of handing out cough drops and marshmallows on toothpicks before we finally called it quits. We hauled in the pumpkins, unplugged the lights, and hid in the dark for the last 15 minutes (along with half our neighbors, I'm sure!).

We're still root root rooting for the Rangers in the World Series. They're down three games to one, and it's not looking very good for our team. Tonight is Game 5, and potentially the last game of the series. I'm not quite the ball of nerves I was when they were playing the Yankees, but that may be due to the Cherry NyQuil I sip from a cordial glass every evening. I tell ya, we're livin' large here!

I don't have much to share of the stitchy nature. I've worked on one of the little BBD stockings here and there but not enough to warrant posting a picture. In the midst of my migraine delirium I kept muttering that I was missing Fall, so today's agenda must include some stash diving! What a tragedy it would be to miss an entire season of stitching!

Have a great Monday, y'all! (And say a little prayer for the Rangers!)

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