Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sigh Heard 'Round the World

I thought I'd made some decent progress on Season Of Plenty tonight. And then I realized I'd used the wrong color green for the top part. Siiiiigggghhh! I sat there for a good 15 minutes contemplating ripping it all out and re-stitching it, but ultimately decided no one would ever know. Until I posted it on my blog of course, but then I know you guys will never tell, right? Mum's the word!

Daughter Sarah came for dinner and a movie tonight, so son Evan whipped up a delicious chicken curry. I'm glad he has the patience to follow one of those multi-stage recipes, otherwise we'd be eating one dish casseroles every night. He even made flatbread which I had to eat hot out of pan to the point where I was burning my fingers, but I swear that's when it's best!


Sharon said...

Nice progress even with the evil frog visit! My lips are sealed-LOL

Vonna said...

No one will ever know :)....I can't even tell and I know! ya know?

staci said...

I think it looks lovely either way! Yummmm...flatbread! Could you share the recipe?