Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Sorta Finish

I have A Wish For You finished except for the personalization. Our family doesn't have a single birthday or anniversary in March. There's been no significant events unless you count my gall bladder surgery in 1986 and I don't think that's very sampler worthy. I'll set this one on the back burner for now until I have a Eureka! moment.

You may notice I made a couple of changes. I decided to make the bunny white(ish) instead of brown because our little bunster, Alice, is white(ish). I also left the letter off the door because a) I didn't like it or b) I had the darn thing stitched before I noticed I'd made a mistake and didn't want to re-do it. Take your pick!

My son pointed out to me that I forgot to give the bunny an eye. I can't tell you how many times I've done that with eyes. You'd think I'd learn!

Last night I started one of the Halloween ornaments from Just Cross Stitch. There were several I wanted to stitch so I did a 'random drawing' and here's our winner:This is Boo Bunny from The Victoria Sampler. I do love me some bunnies! I don't think I'll be stitching many bats this Halloween after our recent close encounter with the beasties! (Although, the next time I'm being chased around the house by a bat I hope to have enough sense to just run outside.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I'm a summer person so I hate to say goodbye to long, warm days. Of course, we have fall stitching to look forward to so I can take comfort in that.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Melissa said...

A Wish for You looks really cute! I wasn't really interested in this design before but now on closer inspection it is very appealing!

I hope you still get some sunny days in the fall!