Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Proudly Present...

My dining room floor!

Newly refinished, and once I get the closet door and the window trim painted, the trim installed around the light fixture, and a new grate for the cold air return, this room will be FINISHED! Or at least almost finished. The window will eventually need to be replaced and the inside of the closet needs a lot of attention but, hey, close enough!

In the meantime, look at this floor!

You might notice (or probably not, haha!) it's not your typical tongue and groove floor. These are locally milled slats nailed down to the plank subfloor below. Having nail heads every four inches ain't too purdy but I've been told it's "period specific to the home". Which is just a nice way of saying "yeah, it looks like crap but that's the way they did it back then."

You'll be happy to learn we did not have to sleep in the kitchen while the polyurethane was drying! We discovered if you held onto the top of the front door, you could swing yourself over to the steps to go upstairs. We had to have a step ladder set up at the backdoor so we could get into the kitchen and bathroom because we tore down the back steps several months ago. (The steps were extremely unsafe and an accident waiting to happen, and as an added bonus there was something dead under them. It was a bit 'Barnum & Bailey' with all the swinging and climbing but it sure beat camping on a cold tile floor. (We do have fun, don't we?)

In stitchy news, I picked up a copy of the JCS Christmas ornament issue last week while we were doing our best not to be home. My first reaction was sorta 'meh' but each time I go through it I find more I'd like to stitch. My favorite is probably the Christmas Robin from The Victoria Sampler. I do have a thing for birds. (And bunnies, but I don't think there are any in this issue.)

Sadly, there hasn't been much stitching done here in the last week. We're still working in the living room, trying to get it finished, so alas, my stitchy spot is no longer. I've set up my lamp and a chair in my bedroom but it just isn't the same. The chair is too hard and the lamp is on the wrong side and whine! whine! whine! I can't stitch here! Anyone else have that problem? You get used to a certain spot and nothing else seems to work? More incentive to finish the living room, I guess.

That's it for me! Thanks for stopping by, and have a Terrific Tuesday!


Kajsa said...

It turned out beautiful! What a great design, I love those narrow planks.

Sharon said...

The floor is fabulous!