Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It is so windy outside right now! It's supposed to be a cool front, but is showing our temps back up in the upper 70s/lower 80s by the weekend. I imagine a lot of people will be out putting up their Christmas lights. Me? I'm still trying to get in the mood for Thanksgiving! There are just too many distractions right now with the whole selling the house thing going on, but next week I will force myself to set it all aside and relax for a few days.

And I'll be doing that relaxing on my newwwww carpet! That's right! I decided if we were going to sell the house reasonably quick, we needed to take the plunge and have new (albeit cheap) carpet installed. It'll definitely look better than what we have, and if we ever get a painter to show up we'll be good to go to list the house.

I was busy today sewing new valances for the kitchen to try to freshen things up in there. I know I'm probably going a little overboard with some of my preparations but I gave up trying NOT to do too much. I just can't have someone coming into my home and seeing those old valances. And I promise to slow down next week!

So I'll end today's post with a progress picture of my latest project, "Peace". I know I could use some!


Vonna said...

Peace looks great and I could use some too :)

Chiloe said...


I like what you wanted to to do in the silver needle store !!!lol