Saturday, November 03, 2007

Busy Saturday

We'll soon be listing the house for sale. In fact, the realtor is coming by Tuesday morning to take a look-see. In preparation, I spent the day cleaning and straightening and re-arranging and throwing away and then cleaning some more. So this evening I rewarded myself with a little baking and stitching. This is Pine Mountain's Recipe for a Scarecrow. I'm hoping to get it finished before scarecrow season is over!

Fall is one of my favorite stitching seasons but it seems so short, being squashed between summer and Christmas. Hopefully when I'm in Michigan I'll have that fall feeling a little longer. I've had Prairie Schooler's Autumn Leaves kitted up since last year... I soooo want to stitch it!! But, oh my goodness, have you seen all the delicious ornaments in this year's Just Cross Stitch?? The one by SamSarah is too cute! It's times like these I wish I wasn't such a slooooow stitcher!!

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Eve said...

Hi! I've come to your site via the Randomizer at NaBloPoMo. I've set myself the challenge to visit as many bloggers as possible during this month.

I love 'stitching' of many kinds. Unfortunately my eyes are moving beyond counted cross stitch. I have begun using a magnifying glass for much of my handwork. It helps! I like your scarecrow recipe. What has precipitated your move? A new job opportunity? Family? Or just a change of scene?