Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Summer Stitches

Nothing new to share today. I did get a start on the Peace ornament from Country Cottage Needleworks, but I'm not far enough along on it to warrant a picture. Instead, I'll show you what I worked on over the summer. You'll get an idea of just how slooooowly I stitch from this!
Here we have the first three blocks of the Summer Snapperland series. This was part of my Silver Needle stash from our trip to Tulsa back in July. Those 2.75 squares represent two months of stitching for me! How I envy those of you who can finish projects like this in less than a week! But still, I enjoy my slow pace so I'll keep puttering along and eventually it will get finished. :-)


Vonna said...

Love the snapperland :) And I can't wait to see peace :)

Sharon said...

Looking great!