Friday, January 12, 2007

SBQ is Back!

The first SBQ of 2007 is:

Do you dream of running your own LNS/ONS? If so, tell us about your dream. If not, tell us about your cross stitch dream… maybe you dream of designing, dyeing your own floss or fabric, etc.

My cross stitch dream... I'm walking down a long corridor with dozens of doors, each one opening to reveal a closet full of well organized stash! Fabric behind one door! Fibers behind another! Beads! Buttons! And the patterns! All organized by subject and cross referenced by designer!

But seriously... yes, I do dream of having my own LNS/ONS and spending the day surrounded by the things I love! My boyfriend has his own web design/hosting company so creating an online store would be a cinch! If I knew more about running a business I might actually consider doing it, but my lack of knowledge coupled with my fear of taking any risks where money is concerned means this will always remain a dream! But I promise to do my part to keep the rest of the shop owners in business!

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