Monday, January 08, 2007

On Knots

So I decide to take a few minutes and start a new project this afternoon. Another Secret Needle Night kit... no surprise there, but hey, my eyesight stinks and it's nice to have something to stitch without my nose pressed up to a magnifier! Anyway, I'm stitching away on some lettering when I notice I have a counting error somewhere. I figure out where it is, nothing too extreme, and while I'm frogging I notice A KNOT on the back side of my work. I got to thinking about all my past knots and how I've dealt with them. I'm not ashamed to admit that, depending on the knot, I've left a few of them, even going so far as to work them under some nearby stitches. Then there's the ones you get in your floss as you're stitching. Raise your hand if you've ever kept on stitching, pulling the knot through your fabric with each stitch til it's finally at the point where you can see if it's going to end up on the back side or the front. Today's knot? I pulled it out and tacked down the excess thread with a few of my stitches. No one will ever know! ;-)

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Rebecca said...

I've tugged the knot thru more times than I can count! I was laughing as I read your post and was saying to myself...I just tug them thru if I notice or work the extra under other stitches if I don't! You send your "knot" question to Renee for the SBQ one week, it would be interesting to see what other do!