Saturday, January 13, 2007

50 Project Challenge

I've been doing a lot of Blog Browsing lately and I noticed there a number people participating in this challenge. I thought to myself I could never, EVER swear off stash enhancement for any length of time! But I kept thinking about it and decided, okay, I'll go through my stash and see just how many projects I can come up with. I sat down this afternoon and went through my boxes and baskets and jotted down only the projects I would really, really want to do over the course of a year. I ended up with exactly 50 projects on my list! Now if that isn't a sign to participate in this challenge I don't know what is! Not to mention my boyfriend keeps telling me... NO MORE! I am really excited now! The only exception I'll be making to the no stash rule is my monthly Secret Needle Night kits. I'd really hate to put those on hold! So here is my list, in no particular order other then the first four are my current WIPs. There are a few more on the list that have been started and put on hold for... well... a very long time so this will be a great opportunity to finally finish them.

1. Raining Cats and Dogs - Sam Sarah Designs - Done!
2. Winter Sampler - Janlynn Kit
3. Mississippi Memories - Dimensions Kit
4. Winter Snows Me - Secret Needle Night - Done!
5. October Monthly Mania - Heart in Hand
6. November Monthly Mania - Heart in Hand
7. December Monthly Mania - Heart in Hand
8. Wee Autumn - Heart in Hand
9. I'm Your's, You're Mine - Secret Needle Night - Done!
10. You Have Stolen My Heart - Lizzie Kate
11. Love Sampler - Heart in Hand - Done!
12. Valentine Wabbit - Sheepish Designs
13. Heart Alphabet Sampler - Better Homes and Gardens Freebie
14. Spring Zipper - Bent Creek - Done!
15. Spring Bugs Me - Secret Needle Night
16. Easter Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush
17. Happy Hoppy Easter - Lizzie Kate - Done!
18. Beehive Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush
19. Birdhouse Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush
20. Sunflower Summer - Shepherd's Bush
21. Summer Snapperland - The Lighthouse - Bent Creek
22. Summer Snapperland - Bikeride - Bent Creek
23. Summer Snapperland - Whale House - Bent Creek
24. Summer Snapperland - The Beach - Bent Creek
25. Harvest Home Sampler - Heart in Hand
26. Autumn Leaves - Prairie Schooler
27. Halloween Needleroll - Shepherd's Bush
28. Recipe for a Scarecrow - Pine Mountain
29. Winter Snapperland - Sleigh Ride
30. Winter Snapperland - The Villa
31. Winter Snapperland - Ze Rink
32. Winter Snapperland - Chalet
33. Winter Moon - Shepherd's Bush
34. Little Fir Tree - Secret Needle Night
35. January Snapper - Bent Creek
36. February Snapper - Bent Creek
37. March Snapper - Bent Creek
38. April Snapper - Bent Creek
39. May Snapper - Bent Creek
40. June Snapper - Bent Creek
41. July Snapper - Bent Creek
42. August Snapper - Bent Creek
43. September Snapper - Bent Creek
44. October Snapper - Bent Creek
45. November Snapper - Bent Creek
46. December Snapper - Bent Creek
47. Forever - Just Nan
48. Home Sweet Home - Heart in Hand
49. Bless Our Home - Lizzie Kate
50. My Friend - Twisted Threads

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