Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Short Rant

I didn't mention it but I quit my job back in September. They had trained me to be a manager, had paid money to send me to class, and then refused to let me do what they had trained me for. I finally had enough of what I referred to as being "babysat", told Nice Boss I felt redundant, and gave them two weeks notice. The gal they hired to take my place has since quit. Believe it or not, she doesn't hold the record for least number of days worked there. We've had three people (THREE!) quit after one week. I blame it all on Grumpy Boss, but in reality I'm sure it's simply the nature of the job. No one wants to do it! Which brings me to two weeks ago. Nice Boss called me to ask if I'd come back temporarily while they looked for someone to fill the once again open position. I agreed to work two weeks while they were severly short-handed due to having people out on vacation. Two weeks would be enough time for me to decide if I could tolerate working with Grumpy Boss again. By my second day I knew the answer was NO! The good news is they think they have found someone to fill the position. (GB tells me she is "proficient on the computer" which is a total laugh because she will never be allowed near it!) Today will be my last day filling in with any luck, although they have another person quitting at the end of this month so my phone might be ringing again.

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