Thursday, April 20, 2017

And Another!

May Word Play
by With Thy Needle and Thread
stitched on 32-ct. Cobblestone linen
with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads

This was so much fun to stitch! I love all the little motifs! From the birds and bees to the white picket fence, just a heck of a good time! And the best part is I have the June Word Play waiting in the wings! Woohoo! I really want to finish this as a door knob hangy thing with the rusty jingle bells and all. I saw the model at my LNS and it was just too darn cute to pass up!

My Big Basket of WIPs is calling to me but first I better put away some thread and get the ottoman cleared off. I have vowed to be more organized here at the Empire instead of leaving things in piles that seem to keep growing and growing. Something about my thread though... even when it's organized it still seems to be a huge mess. I may have to come up with a whole new system.

Thanks for stopping by!


Vickie said...

Woo hoo! So very cute.

Christine said...

I just ran across my April Word Play that I had purchased a while back so seeing your May finish is good inspiration to kit it up for next spring if nothing else. I was also inspired by your pic of the basket full of projects kitted up that you posted on 4/17. Congrats on all your finishes and thank you for sharing!

Tricia B said...

I love this series. Every time I see one stitched up I think, I want to stitch that. Just lovely.

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on getting the May Word Play block finished! I look forward to seeing what you pull out of your WIP basket next.

cucki said...

aww so cute.
love and smiles x

Kimberly Scott said...

Oh these are darling! They were on my list but then I realized how many things I already have on my list so I'm trying to make headway before i add more :)

Joy said...

Sweet finish!