Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tap Tap Tap...

 Is this thing still on??

It's been a while since my last post, mainly due to a major stitchy drought. Phil and I are down in Florida for the winter and before heading south I grabbed a bunch of random projects and charts from my stash. I can't emphasize enough how little thought went into my selections. Moral of the story is don't wait until the last second to pack your stitching and (seriously) don't expect to find everything you'd like to pack all neatly kitted up and ready to go into your
Traveling Box o' Stash.

As luck (or laziness) should have it, I still had a few things packed from our last trip down here. Inside a fat project bag I found the charts and threads for the Sweet Treats series from Country Cottage Needleworks. Now, I had started these waaaaaay back in 2011 during the Crazy January Challenge. I made a second attempt at finishing them during the WIPocolypse of 2012. After that they were left forgotten in a basket on a shelf of the TV armoire. This cozy basket became a favorite of one of the cats so I've been doing quite a bit of de-furring with a lint roller.

Which brings me to this happy revelation...
I finally finished one!

Here are the rest of them, all set to go...  
I have been working on Pie and hope to finish it today. They really go fast once you sit down and actually work on them. After six years, who knew!

Unfortunately, Ice Cream missed the bus so I will either have to send someone over to the house in MI on a covert op to find it and stick it in the mail for me, or it will have to wait for my return in April.

I've promised myself if I finish all of these I can start on something new!


Robin in Virginia said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year! Congratulations on your Cake finish! Pie is looking good and hopefully will be finished soon. I look forward to seeing what else you pull out to work on.

Vickie said...

ooOoo! How "sweet"!