Tuesday, January 31, 2017


One more Sweet Treat finished! Two more to go! Phil will be going up to Michigan so I will have him look for "the one that got away". Hopefully it is there in my basket and I won't have to restart the whole thing. Not that I was very far along on it but every stitch saved is like money in the bank or something like that. Only I can't spend it. But if we could, we'd all be rich! Except we'd spend it all on more stash so maybe not!

I'm planning my usual Stitch-a-Thon while Phil is away. I may have to start something new so this afternoon I will go through what I have here with me. I can't imagine sending Phil up to the Chicken Ottoman Empire to pull threads for a project but I know he would be happy to do it if I asked. I've managed to teach him about dye lots and the difference between, say, WDW and GAST so if I texted him a list of threads I need I'm sure he wouldn't have too much trouble finding them. The problem would be that he'd see first hand just how much thread I have squirreled away!

Well, they don't call it stash for nothing!


Karyn said...

Now that man...is a keeper! My hub wouldn't know anything about floss, but he did watch me organize mine a few weeks ago and was a bit overwhelmed by the abundance of it all...now if he only knew the price, eek!
I looove "Tart" Paisley, the floss colors are dreamy (do we even say dreamy anymore,? but, it's the word that comes to mind).
You must teach one of the furry folk how to pull floss and not just lounge in the Chicken Ottoman Empire...I heard someone taught a cat to use the toilet and flush, so, why not?
Sorry for the silliness

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Hey! I'm working n sweet treats too! Love them ♥️