Friday, January 09, 2009

First New Start of the New Year

I'm off to a pretty good start on Their Song! Two leaves and three blackbirds!

Can anyone else who has stitched this design tell me how many skeins of WDW Moss you needed? I read somewhere that you need two, and since the two skeins I have look entirely different, I want to be able to run out and find two that are a closer match if I'm going to need them.

For the folks wondering what thread I need to finish my October Monthly Mania, it's WDW Sweet Potato. I've bought three new skeins from three different shops but all of them are way too dark. The DMC equivalent (301) is about as close as I've managed to get, but it's still a shade or two browner. Just enough for me to notice. I'm sure you all know how that goes! So right now I'm thinking I'll try blending a couple of different colors and see if that doesn't work. I'm open to suggestions!

Here's a couple "just for fun" shots from out at the lake on Wednesday:Three fellas were out ice fishing. Just sitting there in their frozen lawn chairs with what looked like little propane heaters at their feet. I'm thinking they must be crazy to be sitting out there, but as the saying goes, "a bad day fishing beats a good day working!"

Here's another crazy person, pretending she's ice skating. Wait! That's me!

It's snowing here A LOT today, with more snow expected tonight. We're stocked up on food and toilet paper so I'm planning to stay inside where it's warm and cozy, and stitch!


Pumpkin said...

You are too funny ;o)

I have Sweet Potato and can send it to you if you want to check out the color.

Anna van Schurman said...

One thing you can do when you have two skeins that are different is alternate using them so that the color variation is worked throughout the whole project. That's what I am doing with Anna's bird.