Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Finish for 2008!

Winter Fields
December 2007 Secret Needle Night Kit
stitched on 10-ct. Betsy Ross Linen (Twilight Blue?)
with various Rainbow Gallery fibers

I was determined to spend no more than a week working on this and managed to put the last stitch in around 11:00 last night! The Silver Needle is doing a series of these little farm scenes, one for each season. They started with one for autumn last year, and it was such a hit they decided to continue with one for winter. Spring and summer will come out later this year.

Next on my agenda is Season of Rest from Little House Needleworks. We went out to eat last night to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday, so tonight it's pancakes for dinner! We're all still stuffed and craving something simple! I should be able to get in some quality stitching time, too!


Pumpkin said...

It's lovely! How are you going to finish these?

Happy Birthday to your DD :o)

Sharon said...

Wow, that was quick! It's cute. Congrats.