Friday, September 29, 2006


Today’s SBQ was suggested by Sharon and is:

When you find yourself making a lot of mistakes in various stitching projects do you find it better to muddle your way through or do you take a brief break from stitching? If you do take a break, how long do you take?

I hate stitching mistakes! The figuring out where I went wrong, the ripping out, the re-stitching! I count and re-count so many times when I'm working on a piece that I honestly make very few mistakes. When I do, I always get myself back on track and keep stitching. If I take a break it is usually a brief one right after I've discovered the mistake so I can work out my frustration doing something else, like washing dishes or sweeping the back patio. I think my kids have learned that if I'm out back with the broom it's probably not a good sign. :-)

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