Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The last couple of mornings here have been a little on the chilly side. I love snuggling back into bed with a cup of coffee! This morning I made some mini banana nut muffins for the kids. They smell so good! Wait a minute! Is that the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament issue?? Yes, it is! DS1 and I were out running errands and doing a little shopping yesterday and I popped into Barnes and Noble to check for it. I was soooo happy when I found it hidden between some scrapbooking magazines! I snatched one up with a clearly audible "YES!" This got raised eyebrows from a fellow sitting close by, but he had a lapful of hunting magazines so I gave him my best to-each-his-own look and skipped off to the check out! Wheee!! Christmas ornies!!

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Leah said...

The muffins and the magazine both look great!!