Thursday, February 26, 2015

We Pause Now for Some Hyperventilating

I decided to change things up a bit for the bottom part of my Sweetheart Sampler. I've substituted "sweetheart" and Phil's initials instead of stitching "Valentine's Day". I'm fine with how the "sweetheart" part turned out but the line with Phil's initials ended up running into the left side. I didn't like the funky hearts that were there so I decided to substitute some more of the flowers and I really was flying by the seat of my pants here and GAH! I want to rip it all out but I'm down to the last of my Chamomile thread and I'm sitting here wringing my hands because I really wanted to finish this by the end of the month!
Okay... breathe...

There... that's better!
I will work on the rest of the red hearts in the border today and maybe that will help to balance out the flowers. 


llknbillburg said...

It looks wonderful! Hope you green holds out to the end!! Laura

melissa said...

I understand your frustration, but I think it's peachy.