Monday, February 16, 2015


I've used a needlework light with a magnifier for as long as I can remember. Over the years it has come in handy for more than just counting threads on linen. I've used it to remove splinters from fingers. I've used it to read dosage instructions on medicine bottles (two every six hours, not to exceed six in a 24 hour period) and nutrition facts on packages (so I know exactly how much sodium is in that soy sauce). Recently I've been using it to check my Everything Pretzel Crisps for caraway seeds. (Because I really really  hate the taste of caraway seeds!)

You see him there? Hiding amongst the sesame seeds? Trying to blend in with the poppy seeds? He thinks he's fooling me but no! I see that little rascal!

Anyone else out there using their magnifier for tasks unrelated to needlework?


Holly said...

I came over here from another blog roll when I saw the picture of the Everything Pretzel Crisp. This post cracked me up. I love those pretzels but don't mind the caraway seeds. I think you win the prize for creative use of a light/magnifier! ;) I should probably think of getting one. I'm okay stitching by day light but at night, I can feel the old eyes straining!

P.J. said...

Can't say I've used it for that. Too funny!