Friday, February 13, 2015

A to Z

418 rice stitches later and I am done with the second alphabet! Woohoo! I have a lot of the heart border to finish, and I do mean A LOT, but I have a feeling it will go pretty fast.

We are heading up to Gainesville tomorrow to visit Phil's son for Friends & Family Day at the Medical School. I promise not to take any selfies in the cadaver lab!


Lumiruusu said...

OOH-I am amazed bythe beautifull sampler You are stitchings and that is a lot of rice stitches ! What a lovely WIP:!

Sally said...

What a beautiful sampler. Love those colours.

P.J. said...

What a lovely piece, your stitches are beautiful. Thanks for the body-less selfies! Hahaha. Enjoy your visit.