Friday, June 06, 2014

Man vs. Squirrel

Once again I have started a little container-type garden on the back deck. Last years attempt yielded a bushel of jalapeno peppers and one green bell pepper but that was it. I think the reason the pepper plants survived was because the critters were too full after eating my broccoli and basil.

My challenge this year is with a certain furry critter we've named Squirkle. Last winter we would find him foraging for food on the deck. Bleeding heart that I am, I started putting out a dish of pecans for him. Pre-cracked, no less! He also gets a steady diet of dried corn.

Here he is back in February... 

Poor little fella!

Or so I thought until I caught him knee deep in one of my pots, digging furiously and making a huge mess on the deck.

Then there was this...

I had been watering these little guys for a couple of weeks and then it finally hit me, it wasn't anything I had planted... these were trees sprouting from seeds the darn squirrel had buried! In my pot! 

The final straw was when Phil pointed out that Squirkle had a greener thumb than I did. And technically he doesn't even have thumbs!

So yeah, buddy... it's a Garden Showdown!

 Who will be the ultimate victor???

Man? (well, woman...)

 Broccoli! Yes!

 Strawberries! Woohoo!

Or squirrel?



To be fair I have been watering Squirkle's two entries in the competition. But I've also hired some security...


Happy Friday! Have a GREAT weekend!


cucki said...

Aww cute squirrel ..kisses xxx
Beautiful garden
Hugs x

chickenchupacabra said...

THAT was funny!!!

Melody said...

Too funny! Can't believe you give the squirrel pecans!! LOL. What a beautiful view from your deck!