Friday, June 13, 2014

Filling In

I have started filling in some of the black on Block 12. There has been no real rhyme or reason to where I stitch. I just pick a spot to fill in and the continue on to the next nearest spot. I've never done any of the Heaven and Earth Designs so if there is a proper way I should be doing this please let me know! In the meantime I'll just plod along with my no-real-technique technique!

More news from the garden...

After several days of steady drizzle, my broccoli has taken off! I've never been this far in my broccoli growing attempts so I am super happy that I can recognize that this is indeed BROCCOLI! 

I had been waiting patiently for just the right time to pick the two strawberries I had growing when one day they were gone! Vanished! Into thin air! Or into the fur-lined pockets of my gardening arch enemy, Squirkle! I will have to hire better security!

That's all I have to share today! We are heading into another sunny weekend here! Gotta love lake life!

Have a faaaaabulous weekend everyone!!!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitches
Lol..who is eating those strawberries ?? Must be yummy :)
Happy stitchy hugs x

Lelia said...

The deer eat plants around here - esp strawberry plants. I bought some berries and keep snacking on them! Delicious this time of year.

Beautiful stitching!