Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On a Wednesday

I have fallen woefully behind in my stitching and blogging so I have decided to dedicate the remainder of today to at least the stitching part!

I give you my Village of Hawk Run Hollow, Block 6, as it stands this morning...

The walls and roof are up on the blacksmith's shop but Mr. Huffer can hardly be expected to ply his trade without a fireplace and chimney. I will get to work building it brick by brick ASAP but first I think that poor horse could use some attention. Without his mane he just looks... well... odd.

We are back in MI for the rest of the month and then will be returning to Florida until spring officially creeps over our window sill! This has been one cold winter and I'm so grateful we could abandon ship and head south!

I will be back tomorrow with a progress picture!

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