Friday, January 24, 2014

Paisley Meets Paisley

(Well, almost...)

We are in Florida enjoying the sunshine and took advantage of the opportunity to see Brad Paisley in concert last night. I hadn't been to a country music concert since the early 80s when I saw Ronnie Milsap perform at Texas A&M. (I should probably get out more!)

Anyhoosie, Mr. Paisley passed within inches of this particular Paisley so we took advantage of a once in a lifetime photo op...

That's a blurry Brad in the white hat. Surrounded by several blurry burly security guards. One of the other blurs could be me. It all happened so fast.

So yeah. We made it safely to Florida. It's been a little on the chilly side here but nothing like up north where I don't think they've been above freezing in over a week. (And I know, I should be smacked on the head with a rolled up newspaper for calling the 60s chilly.) Luckily I brought some stitching with me so the time I can't spend laying out soaking up the sun I've been spending with my Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I am still determined to finish that project before I draw my last breath!

Here's hoping you all are staying warm wherever you are spending the winter!


Melody said...

How lucky for you to be in Florida! And no, you should not be calling the 60s chilly. That's just wrong.

Hope you have fun and get some stitching done!

Sharon said...

Sounds like fun! I live in Florida and this is the chilliest we have been in a few years. I won't complain as the summers are so darn hot!