Friday, January 03, 2014

Of Cabbages and Kale

Has anyone else ever gone on a diet and ended up gaining weight?

Phil and I are heading down to Florida for a month or so because, well, Michigan in the winter sucks. When the morning radio hosts are laughing about the fact that it's not supposed to get above 18 degrees for the next 96 hours it's time to fly south.

We've been planning this trip since, like, forever, so I've had plenty of time to shed a few pounds before being fast forwarded into swimsuit season. Even with all the usual holiday gluttony I thought I'd be fine. What's a couple of pounds when I've already lost ten! Right?

Wrong! I never really lost more than a pound and apparently enjoyed a few too many sugar cookies with my coffee. With a week to go I'm hoping to at least get back to where I started.

Of course we're also trying to clean out the fridge and freezer before we leave.

At this rate I'll be wearing sweat pants to the beach!

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