Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frosty Finish

Big Blizzard Sampler
by Heart in Hand
stitched on 32-ct. Dirty Belfast linen
with WDW and GAST fibers

Not exactly a First Day of Spring type project but I've been on the verge of finishing this one for several weeks and decided today was the day to get 'er done! We're having more of a Fifty Shades of Gray type of day here anyway with snow falling and the wind blowing across the lake. I wish Mother Nature would wave her magic wand and put an end to this!

Oh, this sampler is supposed to have four little buttons which I'm 1000% sure are upstairs in my sewing room but I can't seem to find them at the moment. I have a special talent for losing buttons apparently. Maybe I need to do a little Spring Cleaning up there tomorrow. I have thread and fabric scattered everywhere, and I'd really like to put together a spring stitching basket. 

I'm still plodding along on Birds of a Feather. No picture today but I got another one of the flowers in the border done and a good start on another. I also decided to stick with my first choice of fabric. I really do like the thread colors with it even if a couple tend to get a little washed out.

By way of celebrating the first day of spring, I watched the last inning of the Detroit-Tampa Bay game. We're knee deep in March Madness but I still have baseball on my brain. 

Which reminds me, I better work on my bracket. Phil is a Hoosier so I'll be picking Indiana to at least make it to the Final Four.

Hope you're having a first day of spring that actually has some spring in it!


Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish.

Jeanne said...

Oh Paisley that's so cute! My husband made me enter his March Madness pool even though I don't follow college basketball but I dutifully filled out my bracket. Think of all the stash I could buy if I was to win the pot! I decided to go with Georgetown to win it all just on a whim. :)