Monday, August 06, 2012

Weekend Recap

I'm sure the burning question on everyone's mind is whether or not I got my strawberry daiquiri on Friday! The answer is YES!

Phil's sister gave us these fun glasses. They're meant for wine but we like using them for frozen drinks too.

Saturday was spent running errands and by the time we thought we'd go out and enjoy the water we had a BIG storm move in.

My bunting bloweth over!

Sunday was clear, so after church and a delicious "big salad" at Martin's (I love a good salad bar!) I went out on the deck to relax and soak up some vitamin D.

That's my "Mike Olt striking out with the bases loaded" face.

Sunday evening we made chicken alfredo for dinner and settled in for our nightly Olympic overload.

No, it's not so cold in Michigan that we need a fire but when all it takes is a press of a button it's really hard not to press that button!

Now let's check how much stitching I managed to accomplish...

Is that all?? One blue swirly thing?? Well, I obviously won't be winning any medals for stitching speed!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I'm off to see if I can't actually make enough progress on Summer Snapperland to justify posting another picture!

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P.J. said...

Yum, ooo, nice, aahh, yeah! Go USA! I have not seen this snapper, very cute. Great progress in my eyes, I am in reverse I am stitching so slow this summer. Hehehe. Traveling this week, so hope to get a few smalls worked in the airport and during my flights.