Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Come!

I can officially say that now! Woohoo!

I participated in the International Hermit & Stitch Weekend, working on Block 4 of my Village of Hawk Run Hollow. I finished the tree branches and leaves on Friday, and started the roof last night. (I need an extra day for my stitching weekends!) (I highly recommend it!)

Progress continues on the house. We spent most of Saturday choosing light fixtures to be installed this week. They've also started laying the hardwood floors and installing cabinets. Tomorrow I go to look at more granite, and Thursday I'm picking out hardware for the cabinets. Busy busy busy! But I think we're finally getting close to being done with everything.

We took a little time out on Sunday to enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having. Phil's row boat survived the fire so he took me out on a short excursion, paddling around the lake. It was very quiet and peaceful since the summer folk have yet to arrive. Don't I look happy, even if a bit squinty-eyed?

I really can't wait for the house to be finished so we can spend more time there. It's getting harder and harder to be patient as the days get warmer and warmer. I know we are incredibly blessed to be building this house, but is it too much to ask that they HURRY IT UP!?

I hope everyone's week is off to a good start and you're finding time to enjoy some wonderful Spring days! Thanks for stopping by!


Diane (di) said...

Yes you DO look happy, Paisley. :) The water behind you looks so beautiful.

Great hermitting too, because the Village of HRH looks wonderful.

Anne said...

Beautiful progress Hawk Run Hallow! I love the Village!! It must have been wonderful to be out on the peaceful water and you look happy :D

Veronica said...

Lovely progress on Village of HRH. Yup, you look real happy. The water looks peaceful, a wonderful place to be on a Sunday.


melissa said...

Hey Bud...always pure joy to see yoru beautiful face. :) So glad you're so happy!

Pam said...

I received a Liebster Blog award. I'm PIF the award to you. You can read all about it on my blog: http://oneslowstitcher.blogspot.com The Boat ride looked fun! Pam