Friday, April 06, 2012

April WIPocolypse Report

It's been all about Block 4 this month. Maybe I should be bored doing the ole one-project-at-a-time routine but I genuinely love working on my village. Unfortunately it's to the exclusion of every other WIP I have on my list.

Progress continues on our real life house as well. I've been busy getting things finalized with the granite fabricator and it looks like all our countertops should be installed next week. We have cabinets now, and most of the stair railings are in. Every day the house looks better and better!

It's Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers are leading the White Sox by one run in the 8th so I best get back to watching! Let's go Rangers! (And yes, after they lost the World Series last year I swore up and down I was done with the whole lot of them. Obviously that didn't last long!)


Deb said...

Your block is really looking great!! Glad to hear that the house is progressing too! And it was opening day here yesterday for our Tiger's! My husband got to go because of work. We were all jealous at home!

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress.

Chris said...

It's looking great!

MoonBeam said...

Your village is looking beautiful. One fantastic project is worth getting all your attention for a while.

Good luck with your remodeling. Sounds exciting.


Veronica said...

Lovely progress on Block 4. Well done :)


Yvon (jioya) said...

Your little house is looking great!

Hugs Yvon.