Thursday, January 06, 2011

Crazy January Challenge Start #5

Last night's start was A Winter's Tale by Shepherd's Bush. As you can see from the photo the colors are very subtle. (I swear, there's more stitching there than it looks like!) I had a heck of time sorting the fibers that came with the kit. Is this one pale pink or rose? Is that one light tan or dusty peach? Anyhoosie, the border for this one looks like it'll be fun to stitch. There's an inner border with a bazillion Rhodes stitches in different colors and an outer border that you weave a pattern of hearts into. Should be gorgeous!

We are having a bit of snow today. As pretty as it is when it's falling, I do hate the 'upkeep'. It looked like it was letting up so I went out to clear the sidewalks. No sooner did I get started when it started snowing heavily again. I was all bundled up with my boots on so I decided to at least finish the walkway. Shoveling snow while it's snowing? Complete lunacy! But then it is Crazy January, right!

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Pointed Stitcher said...

Cute start. I love watching what everyone who's doing this challenge is starting. Fun!!