Sunday, January 02, 2011

Crazy January Challenge Start #1

My first start for the CJC is Big Blizzard Sampler from Heart in Hand. I had wanted to finish the snowman but my short attention span kicked in and, as you can see, he still needs a little work.

Such is the case with our real life snowmen, too. Here we have attempt number one:

This guy's body was shaped out of a pile of snow (and dried grass and dead leaves...) with a big snowball plopped on top for the head. The sunglasses give him a little personality, don't you think? He was only about 18 inches tall so not very impressive.

For our second attempt we decided to go with the traditional rolling of the snowballs until they were the right size. Unfortunately we over-rolled the middle part and the result was a disproportionate, lopsided stack of snow(dirtgrassleaf)balls.

He was, at least, a respectible snowman height. And I have to admit it was a little sad watching him slowly melt... leaning, leaning... until one day I looked outside and saw his head had fallen off! I'm still recovering from the shock!


Pointed Stitcher said...

I must say your stitched snowman looks better than your real snowman, lol. It's fun watching all the new starts by people.

Virpi said...

That stitched snowman looks so cute =)