Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This & That

I've been working on the Fixer-Upper almost every day, but I did find a little time to stitch and made some progress on Spring Has Come by Prairie Schooler.I'm really feeling the need for a stitchy break! We're planning to grill hamburgers out at the lake for dinner tomorrow night so maybe I'll just take the whole day off!

Because I've been working so hard at the house, I treated myself to a Vera Bradley laptop case. This color (Mesa Red) is being retired so the case was 25% off. Gotta love a sale!
You wouldn't believe the HUGE box this was shipped in! I was hoping I'd won some secret Vera Bradley lottery, but nope, just the one bag. Drats!

We've been finding odd things in the house as we're tearing it apart. This envelope fell out of the bathroom cabinet when we tore it down...It says it's made of real human hair. Now isn't that just creepy? And no, I haven't opened the envelope to take a look!
We found this in the kitchen...Quite dirty, but way less creepy than the hair net, IMO! It reads: These coupons can be exchanged for handsome imported China premiums like samples on exhibition. Think it's still valid? Should I go get my china?

Hope everyone is having a great week and finding plenty of time to stitch!


Pumpkin said...

I love those PS patterns :o) I have Spring and Autumn, I think. Nice progress!

I think you deserve that nice bag too ;o) I didn't realize they made a laptop one. Cool!

Wow! That is so neat! Maybe you'll find some old coins or something...

Kim B said...

What fun to find things in your house like that! I think it's fantastic!!

And your stitching and your new VB look amazing!

Sharon said...

How interesting to find those things! Your wip looks great-the colors are so pretty.