Friday, September 23, 2016

Hooray! It's Fall!

It's time to embrace all things Fall! I'm jumping right in with my Starbucks Fall Blend, a delicious gas station apple pie, and a fresh Yankee Candle! This afternoon I plan to put together my Fall Stitching Basket!

No stitching to report. Phil and I made a trip to Las Vegas last week and I'm still in vacation mode. We had a fabulous time and I was pampered to the extreme with fresh coffee and pastries delivered to my door every morning and poolside Bellinis in the afternoon. I went for the spa treatment one day and was exfoliated, moisturized, buffed, and polished just like in the merry old land of Oz! I'm in desperate need of a reality check after a vacation like that!

I'm hoping to settle in for some stitching and maybe a chick flick or two later! I'm close to finishing my Autumn Prairie Season if I could just make myself sit down and work on what I refer to as the "fussy bits". I'd also like to start on September for my Prairie Year piece but I'm feeling the pressure to finish it in two days like I did August. It's that and my usual struggle with getting the q-snaps just right that keeps me from picking it up. Boy, does that make me sound like I need a stitchy therapist!

Have a great weekend!!!


Robin in Virginia said...

Happy fall to you! It sounded like you had a marvelous time on your trip. Looking forward to seeing your PS Autumn finish along with a start on the September block. Enjoy your weekend!

Brigitte said...

I also love fall. And I'm very curious to see what your fall stitching basket will hold.